BLEEP TEST Multi Stage Shuttle Fitness Audio CD 15m +20m Police Armed Forces


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Fitness Test Multi Stage ARMED FORCES – AMBULANCE 


Multi Stage Fitness Tests

Gold Edition Contains: Instructions for 15 test 15m bleep test Instructions for 20m  bleep test
Press up test Sit up test Deluxe Edition now included Push up and Sit up tests!
This is an audio CD
The beep test is possibly the most commonly used endurance fitness test conducted around the world. 
It is so popular because it is simple to conduct, requires minimal and inexpensive equipment, and large groups can be tested at once.
The test goes by many names (shuttle run test, beep, bleep test (UK), yo-yo, PACER, Aero, multistage fitness test, MSFT)
but is essentially the same whatever it is called.
This Gold edition CD contains the multistage fitness tests as used in Army, Police, Fire recruitment along with 
Push up and Sit up bleep tests scoring  men  women  
         13   12     Excellent
 11 -13     10-12  Very Good
11     8-10   Good
7 –  9     6 – 8   Average
5 –  7  4 – 6 Poor 
                     4   Very Poor
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