For Beginners/Intermediates.

A great and fun way to keep fit due to being a physical activity. The most effective way to keep Healthy is regular Cardiovascular exercise and a Healthy Diet. Yoga originates from India approx 5000 years ago and is used in the busy modern world, to help bring balance to mind, Body and Spirit.Anyone who would like to further enhance their skills will find this essential comprehensive video guide helpful.

Learn from the privacy of your own home while having fun learning. Common benefits are known to include:

Learn Yoga !

This DVD is especially designed for the beginner. Step by step instructions from the Experts & Professionals

What is Yoga ?

Yoga – 

Why I need to learn Yoga?

 Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Mental Well Being and Musculus-skeletal improvements.


Strengthening postures are an ideal exercise to improve back muscles and reduce back pain Energy levels are increased to help you cope better with day to day activities.Calories are burnt facilitating weight loss and muscle toning.Circulation is improved, which has a beneficial on many physical complaints.

  • Weight Loss; Stress Relief & Relaxation Exercise DVD
  • – Lots more  !!!!!
  • – Sun Salutation
  • – Beginners Routines

You will learn the following in this DVD:

  • – Helps With blood Circulation
  • – Weight Loss
  • – Tone your Thighs and Legs
  • – Relax


  •             Fun way to keep fit.               

  • Yoga:

  • physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines, which originate from ancient India, with a view to attain a state of permanent peace of mind in order to experience one’s true self.

  • This DVD Set is suitable for Women and men of all ages, who would like to learn the art of Yoga and is suitable for complete beginners to the more experienced a great way to meditate and to bring balance, the essence of Yoga with various forms of this great art.

  • Yoga has many Health benefits such as:

  • Great way to keep fit- Good for Stamina – Tone Waistline- Boost self esteem  – Breathing Techniques- Power and Hatha Yoga- Various Sequences to help you relax, thus bring you balance Yoga for Beginners

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