Windows 7 Home/Pro/Ultimate Re Install Disc+All Versions (32 / 64 bit) Editions

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 Windows 7 Home- Windows 7 Pro – Windows 7 Ultimate Repair Disc.

32 /64 Bit Disc

Genuine Microsoft Software on DVD

Dispatched Same Day.

Computer wont boot/start up  ?
Windows 7 (Home-Pro-Ultimate – 32 and 64 bit Recover Repair Restore DVD

For Windows 7 Basic, Premium, Professional, Ultimate (32 bit) (64 bit)

This is a repair disc and does not include any license or product keys. This is not an install CD and NOT oem software.

A good knowledge of computing is recommended before meddling with your operating system.Before using any product it is essential that you make backups and have a record of your product keys for Windows, Office & other software. If you do not have them I highly recommend purchasing my Key finder software and running it before doing anything else.

Recover Windows.
Missing Windows files, Windows Crashing or has problems ? 


This DVD can help.
Virus Damage, Missing dll’s, Blue Screen and system re-boots before its started ?
With this disc you can recover, restore, check, re-set or repair your windows.
Allows the Change of Windows Passwords.
Includes Malware and Spyware Removal Tools.
Note ! Recovery (not installation) This will NOT install Windows if you format or wipe your drive clean.


The disc will enable you to perform repairs on any crashed and corrupt Microsoft installation and also perform a full Recovery (for severe crashes that cannot be repaired) the disc restores your PC to how it was when it was new.

Q. Will I need a Microsoft Licence/COA number ?
A. Yes, this is Recovery/restore disc, and does not include any licence number or Certificate of Authenticity.
Q. Will I lose my data/files etc.?
A. In the event of basic repairs usually no – However data will be lost if a full Recovery is performed. Back up your data externally if possible. You may do this to another drive or Discs (USB or DVD etc.)
Q. What about my licence number and what should I do if I haven’t got one ?
A. Your COA/Product Key sticker is normally found on the base of most laptops or on the case of desktop PCs


eBay Policy States:”OEM, bundled, or recovery software may be listed only if it is included along with the original hardware, such as the motherboard, hard drive, or computer sold with the OEM software.” – Therefore, this sale includes the original broken beyond economical repair computer and motherboard. Microsoft Policy States: Large brand-name computer manufacturers, such as Dell and Compaq, often include OEM software on non-holographic “recovery” or “re-installation” discs that show the manufacturer’s brand name. These software packages are typically marked with a phrase that states, for instance, “For Distribution with a new Dell PC only.” Recovery or reinstallation software is licensed only for distribution with new computers and can be redistributed only with the computer for which it was initially distributed. Distributing such software with individual PC hardware components (e.g. hard drive; RAM) does not comply with Microsoft’s OEM distribution requirements.” – This sale includes the original non working irreparable/scrap/crushed Computer from which the COA was taken off and any Pc not selected for delivery will be disposed of, for delivery of these items (UK) you must select other courier 5 days delivery option at checkout, Sales outside the UK select Royal Mail International signed at checkout which is chargeable at an extra cost for time and transport costs and must be selected at the time of purchase to comply with Ebay Policies on the Sale of OEM software.

OEM Software: Microsoft’s Distribution Agreement for System Builders states that the system builder software packs are not intended for distribution to end users unless the end users are acting as system builders by assembling their own PCs. A “system builder” is anyone who assembles, reassembles or installs software on a new or used computer system. This product does not infringe on any copyright, Trademark, or any other rights, or any of eBay’s listing policies or spam policies.


See our Terms for details.
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Microsoft and Windows are registered Trade Marks of Microsoft Corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I purchase the CD/DVD Sale will I receive a Boxed Copy ?

A: No the Box Image is for illustration Purposes only. You will however receive a New CD/DVD with the item/s as described in this ad.

Q: I have other Questions regarding an item

A: Please use the Contact us link on ebay prior to the purchase

Q: Is this software Legal ?

A: Yes this software is 100% Legal, the software supplied is distributed

freely and globally in the Public Domain under the terms of the GNU Public License and the GNU Lesser General Public License.

All other trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners.


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