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150 Western Ebooks

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Story Books disc for Ipad Kindle Kobo Ereader Over 150 classic Western ebooks stories from a huge range of respected authors on this Download.

This disc has got enough material to last you for years. Perfect for train journeys, lying in bed, relaxing on the weekend or sitting in the garden. The disc is readable in all computers and files can be sent across to ereaders such as Kindle or Ipad.

All books are in the English language. You can transfer these files to your Ipad, Kobo, Kindle or any other ebook compatible device for portable reading on the move.

The books in several different file formats for Ipad, Kindle etc. Ebooks Include

2 Caliber -Donald McGibeny A Daughter of the Middle Border – Hamlin Garland A Daughter of the Sioux – Charles King A First Family of Tasajara – Bret Harte A Little Norsk, Or, Ol’ Pap’s Flaxen – Hamlin Garland A Mating in the Wilds – Ottwell Binns A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready – Bret Harte A Phyllis of the Sierras – Bret Harte A Spoil of Office – Hamlin Garland Across the Mesa – Jarvis Hall Alcatraz – Max Brand Black Jack – Max Brand Blazed Trail Stories – Stewart Edward White Bloom of Cactus – Robert Ames Bennet Bull Hunter – Max Brand By Shore and Sedge – Bret Harte Cabin Fever – B. M. Bower Casey Ryan – B. M. Bower Cattle and Cattle-breeders – William M’Combie Cavanaugh, Forest Ranger – Hamlin Garland Children of the Desert – Louis Dodge Chip, of the Flying U – B. M. Bower Christmas Eve on Lonesome – John Fox, Jr. Clarence – Bret Harte Colorado Jim – George Goodchild Condensed Novels – Bret Harte Cow-Country – B. M. Bower Cressy – Bret Harte Crooked Trails and Straight – William MacLeod Raine Dangers of the Trail in 1865 – Charles E. Young Dave Porter at Star Ranch – Edward Stratemeyer Dickens in Camp – Bret Harte Drag Harlan – Charles Alden Seltzer Far Past the Frontier – James A. Braden Flying U Ranch – B. M. Bower Found At Blazing Star – Bret Harte From Sand Hill to Pine – Bret Harte Frontier Stories – Bret Harte Good Indian – B. M. Bower Gunman’s Reckoning – Max Brand Harrigan – Max Brand Her Prairie Knight – B. M. Bower Heritage of the Sioux – B.M. Bower Heroes and Hunters of the West – Anonymous In a Hollow of the Hills – Bret Harte In the Border Country – Josephine Daskam Bacon In The Carquinez Woods – Bret Harte Jean of the Lazy A – B. M. Bower Judith of Blue Lake Ranch – Jackson Gregory Laramie Holds the Range – Frank H. Spearman Man Size – William MacLeod Raine Man to Man – Jackson Gregory Mr. Jack Hamlin’s Mediation – Bret Harte Narrative of Richard Lee Mason – Richard Lee Mason Oh, You Tex 

William MacLeod Raine On the Frontier – Bret Harte On the Indian Trail – Egerton Ryerson Young Oowikapun – Egerton Ryerson Young Over the Rocky Mountains – R.M. Ballantyne Pathfinder – Alan Douglas Prairie Flowers – James B. Hendryx Reed Anthony, Cowman – Andy Adams Ride Proud, Rebel – Andre Norton Riders of the Silences – John Frederick Riders of the Silences – Max Brand Rowdy of the Cross L – B. M. Bower Skippy Bedelle – Owen Johnson Starr, of the Desert – B. M Bower Sunset Pass – Charles King Tales of Lonely Trails – Zane Grey Ted Strong in Montana – Edward C. Taylor That Girl Montana – Marah Ellis Ryan The Alaskan – James Oliver Curwood The American Family Robinson – D. W. Belisle The Border Boys Across the Frontier – Fremont B. Deering The Boss of the Lazy Y – Charles Alden Seltzer The Boy Ranchers – Willard F. Baker The Boy Ranchers Among the Indians – Willard F. Baker The Boy Ranchers at Spur Creek – Willard F. Baker The Boy Ranchers in Camp – Willard F. Baker The Boy Ranchers in Death Valley – Willard F. Baker The Boy Ranchers on Roaring River – Willard F. Baker The Branding Iron – Katharine Newlin Burt The Call of the North – Stewart Edward White The Cattle-Baron’s Daughter – Harold Bindloss The Claim Jumpers – Stewart Edward White The Cow Puncher – Robert J. C. Stead The Danger Trail – James Oliver Curwood The Desperado – Clifton Adams The Dude Wrangler – Caroline Lockhart The Eagle’s Heart – Hamlin Garland The Fighting Edge – William MacLeod Raine The Flying U’s Last Stand – B. M. Bower The Forbidden Trail – Honore Willsie The Forest – Stewart Edward White The Forester’s Daughter – Hamlin Garland The Forfeit – Ridgwell Cullum The Forty-Niners – Stewart Edward White The Ghost Breaker – Charles Goddard The Gold Girl – James B. Hendryx The Gold Hunters – 

James Oliver Curwood The Gold Trail – Harold Bindloss The Gray Dawn – Stewart Edward White The Gringos – B. M. Bower The Grizzly King – James Oliver Curwood The Happy Family – Bertha Muzzy Bower The Henchman – Mark Lee Luther The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh and Other Tales – Bret Harte The Highgrader – William MacLeod Raine The Indian’s Hand – Lorimer Stoddard The Interplanetary Hunter – Arthur K. Barnes The Kentucky Ranger – Edward T. Curnick The Last Trail – Zane Grey The Law of the Trigger – Clifton Adams The Life and Adventures of Nat Love – Nat Love The Little Gold Miners of the Sierras and – Joaquin Miller The Lone Ranche – Captain Mayne Reid The Long Shadow – B. M. Bower The Long, Long Trail – Max Brand The Lost Valley – J. M. Walsh The Lure Of The Dim Trails – B. M. Bower The Man from the Bitter Roots – Caroline Lockhart The Mysterious Rider – Zane Grey The Night Horseman – Max Brand The Outcasts – W. A. Fraser The Phantom Herd – B. M. Bower The Pony Rider Boys in Texas – Frank Gee Patchin The Promise – James B. Hendryx The Quirt – B.M. Bower The Range Boss – Charles Alden Seltzer The Rangeland Avenger – Max Brand The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier – Edgar Bronson The Rifle Rangers – Captain Mayne Reid The Rules of the Game – Stewart Edward White The Saddle Boys of the Rockies – James Carson The Scalp Hunters – Mayne Reid The She Boss – Arthur Preston Hankins The Short Cut – Jackson Gregory The Story of the Outlaw – Emerson Hough The Trail of ’98 – Robert W. Service The Trail of the White Mule – B M Bower The Trail to Yesterday – Charles Alden Seltzer The Two-Gun Man – Charles Alden Seltzer The Tyranny of the Dark – Hamlin Garland The Untamed – Max Brand The Watchers of the Trail – Charles G. D. Roberts The Wild Man of the West – R.M. Ballantyne The Wolf Hunters – James Oliver Curwood The Wrong Woman – Charles D. Stewart The Yellow Horde – Hal G. Evarts The Young Mountaineers – Charles Egbert Craddock Tonio, Son of the Sierras – Charles King Trailin’! – Max Brand Two Boys in Wyoming – Edward S. Ellis Way of the Lawless – Max Brand Western Characters – J. L. McConnell Wild Bill’s Last Trail – Ned Buntline Wolf Breed – Jackson Gregory Young Wild West at Forbidden Pass – Old Scout


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