The Man Who Came to Dinner Bette Davis with Ann Sheridan, Monty Woolley 1942





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The Man who Came to Dinner

Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan,Monty Woolley


1942 Drama Film 
During a cross-country lecture tour, notoriously acerbic radio personality Sheridan 
Whiteside (Monty Woolley) slips on the icy steps of the house of the Stanleys (Grant 
Mitchell and Billie Burke), a prominent Ohio family, and insists on recuperating in their 
home during the Christmas holidays.
 The overbearing, self-centered celebrity soon comes to dominate the lives of the 
residents and everyone else who enters the household. 
He encourages young adults Richard (Russell Arms) and June (Elisabeth Fraser) Stanley to pursue their 
dreams, much to the dismay of their conventional father Ernest. 

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