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Learn to Use Sign Language

DVD and Audio CDs
Full Instruction Course

2 Disc Set

850 Signs

Signing for Beginners Learn Sign Language Full Instruction Course  Signing For Beginners

Full Instruction Course on DVD & CDROM  Suitable for students of all ages and abilities

 this is a 2-Disc DVD/CD-ROM set containing a step-by-step guide to sign language.

The language makes use of space and involves movement of the hands, body, face and head. 

The first section, is an introduction to Signing.

The other sections then go on to supply you with hand shapes/facial expressions for such things as 

introducing yourself and first time conversations, eating and drinking, basic questions, friends and family, 

letters of the alphabet, days of the week, months, numbers, money telling the time, and much much more !

 Part two of this package is the instructional cd rom with videos of over 850 signs this interactive CD will help 
you improve your skills 

The Cd Rom is jammed packed full of words and phrases, with pictures of how the word or phrase should 

be signed !

Contains thousands of words, phrases and topics to browse through, this Cd Rom is a valuable asset. 
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