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PC Engineers Suite for Easy Repair

Once the bootable drive is inserted, you can restart your PC and choose to boot from the DVD drive. You will have to wait for the preinstallation environment to load. The DVD then loads a safe Windows desktop, where you can start to diagnose your system and address problems related to connectivity, driver failure, and so on.

The major advantage of a recovery boot CD is that it comes with various preinstalled applications, so you can forget about downloading and installing tools. In other words, you can focus on the problems of your system and try to find solutions as quickly as possible.

An emergency diagnostic boot disk.

This DVD provides a way for you to find out what is wrong with your PC from a safe environment. With a plethora of preinstalled software, it can help you restore access to Windows in no time.  

There are no guarantees with this drive. Only purchase this drive if you are confident about using various tools to try and fix issues affecting Windows computers. You will need to check your computer UEFI setup in the BIOS to enable the Bootable USB drive to be the 1st device in the Boot order list. Check with the manufacturer website about how to do this.

There is no substitute for backing up data in case a disaster strikes. These tools only provide help when you need to try and repair a computer which is experiencing problems, especially if you can’t boot into Windows.

The most popular boot device that is essential to any Windows PC, Laptop, and server technician. I have been building and repairing computers for 30+ years and this handy DVD is one of the main tools in my toolbox.

This bootable DVD is meant to be used on modern 64-bit (x64) Window-based laptops and PCs with a computer’s  RAM memory size 2GB in size upwards.

The DVD is an all-in-one bootable rescue disc solution that contains a load of useful Windows repair tools you’ll want to have when you can no longer boot into your PC

Imagine issues like hard drive failure, virus infections, partitioning, password recovery, and data recovery. This DVD is a Godsend in situations like these. It has a multitude of tools divided into a number of categories like partitioning tools, backup, recovery, and BIOS/CMOS tools to name a few


This is the original emergency diagnostic boot disk and provides a compilation of programs to help resolve most internet and computer issues including driver failure, intermittent internet connection, and other computer malfunctions.

If you ever have issues like your hard drive failing, your computer catching nasty viruses, forgetting your password and not knowing how to recover it, or accidentally losing all the data, then this DVD will be a godsend for you. There are a number of useful tools installed that are divided into different categories depending on your computer’s problem.

Is your Windows PC or Laptop Not Working as it should   ?

PC Slowed Down ?  Keeps Crashing ?  Wont Boot ?  Need To Recover Files

This will attempt to Solve 99% of these Windows Issues !

including the PC Fixer full of the ultimate pack of utilities for PC Repair as used by Computer Engineers across the country and used to fix 1000’s of Windows problems every day and recover Photo’s and Data ,plenty of programs on these superb repair disc. They will attempt to Fix the following problems

Works Superb on :ACER – DELL – HP – TOSHIBA -Hewlett Packard – Asus – Levovo – Sony 

This Disk is compatible with the following operating systems

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

  • Boot up and start ANY Desktop or Laptop
  • Automatically find CD Drive to install Windows
  • Access files on your Hard Drive
  • Easy to Use Graphical Interface feels like Windows
  • Rescue & Restore XP, Vista and Windows
  • Boot your computer even if it is infected with a virus
  • System Checking Utilities
  • Fast recovery from Windows crashes
  • Registry & file repair
  • Virus scan and repair
  • Start Up trouble shooter
  • Deletes junk & temporary files from your system
  • Cleans and repairs the Registry
  • Speeds up the whole system & start up times
  • Optimizes Windows & memory settings
  • Increase Internet connection speed
  • Easily complete a copy of your Hard Drive
  • Quickly Back Up files or folders
  • Recover deleted data & photos even from damaged drives
  • Delete & wipe files to Government Standards
  • Partition tools to create, delete, edit and manage partitions
  • Diagnose all components, CPU, Memory, HDD, CD/DVD, Monitor
  • Driver utilities, back up & recovery
  • Test your hardware
  • Scan and clean viruses from the system
  • Search for and remove Spyware, Adware, etc
  • Remove Trojans, Rootkits and other malicious software
  • Protect against future attacks
  • Remove malicious start up programs
  • Prevent against future start up attempts
  • Reset Passwords on XP, Vista & Windows 7
  • Recover Windows Product Keys
  • Recover Wireless Network Keys
This Ultimate bootable DVD has a very big number of useful utilities what can help you wonders with your pc.

If you need to fix and maintain your pc, this cd has everything you need to fix, repair improve, protect your PC.

 Boot direct from CD

 Clone your hard drive (make a copy)

 Fix hard disc problems

 Scan your hard drive without Load windows

 Registry Editor

Trouble Shoot start-up Problems

 Increase Internet Connection Speed.

 Remove Trojan’s, Viruses, Spyware, Adware.

 Delete Old temporary files.

 Back up your data.

 Detect Unwanted Start-up Programs and remove them.

 Restore data after rebuild

 Return drive to factory condition.

 Erase all data on your hard drive

 Back up files or folders

 Recover data even from damaged drives

 File encryption tools

Recover windows administrator password.

 Check of errors

 Report status and parameters

 Diagnose all components, CPU, memory, hdd, CD/DVD monitor.

The DVD supports almost all famous models.(Hp,Toshiba,Compaq,IBM,Sony.Acer,Advent)

 You do not need to know old password to access bios settings.

 You do not need to pay £30-£60 to recover your password on Windows 7

  You do not have access to change the settings in BIOS ?.

Have bought a laptop from the other people or  Auction website, but they did not tell you the BIOS password ?

At this time, PC CMOS Cleaner will help you to solve them in several clicks. 


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