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Pole Dancing Learn To Pole Dance Beginner DVD Tutorial Ultimate Four Disc Set

Pole Dancing DVD 1 – The Fundamentals

Pole Dancing DVD 2 – Flexibility and Co-ordination

Disc two takes you off the ground into the world of climbs,inverts and preliminary aerial hangs.More difficult spins holds and kicks are introduced to challenge your strength,flexibility and co-ordination on the pole.Featuring more advanced routines,expert instruction for correct inversions and spotting techniques as well as handy safety tips to help you get the most out of your pole experience.

Pole Dancing DVD 3 – Spins and Climbs Intermediate Skills

Disc three presents intermediate level spins,climbs and holds off the pole as well as preliminary inverted positions and hangs.Presenting on both static and spinning pole,the disc teaches live with both detailed instruction and demonstration.Learn the variations on each move as well as finer detail on correct positioning.

Pole Dancing DVD 4 – Intermediate & Advanced Skills

Disc four is designed for higher level intermediate students who have covered the moves from volume one,two and tree and are ready for new hand grips and more advanced lifts as well as variations of inverted aerial hangs.Challenge your flexibility and your core strength with moves which can be used both as an extrely conditioning workout as well as for spectacular pole performance. The disc approaches advanced moves with a focus on body positioning and correct technique.Inverted positions held off the pole are introduced along with inverted climbs and completely new mounts and dismounts. The moves given in this dvd should only be attempted by advanced students. Only two modules on disc four although some professional performances.

Disc one is designed for beginners who want to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Pole Dancing.Starting with grounded moves and progressing to first aerial spins and static holds,this volume also includes transitions to turn your pole moves into pole dance. The disc demonstrates and talks ou through each move using mini-routines to combine what you have learned into a dance.

Featuring exclusive live performances to inspire you forward as well as a Special Features section with pole specific warm ups,cool downs and Level one of the body.


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