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The Old Acquaintance Bette Davis 
Bette Davis and Mirium Hopkins
1943 Drama Film 
In 1924, newly successful author Kit Marlowe returns to her home town 
to speak, as part of a lecture tour, and to visit her dear childhood 
friend Millie.
Millie has married Preston Drake and is pregnant, and she surprises 
Kit when she discloses she has also written a book, a romance novel. 
Millie asks Kit to present her book to her publisher.
 Upon their meeting, Preston appears to be impressed by Kit Marlowe

Bette Davis – Katherine “Kit” Marlowe

Miriam Hopkins – Millie Drake

Gig Young – Rudd Kendall

John Loder – Preston Drake

Dolores Moran – Deirdre Drake
Phillip Reed – Lucian Grant

Roscoe Karns – Charlie Archer

Anne Revere – Belle Carter

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