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 Hancock’s Half Hour – 48 Radio Shows on  MP3 CD

Hancock’s Half Hour is a BBC radio comedy, and later television comedy, series of the 1950s and 60s written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. The series starred Tony Hancock, with Sid James; the radio version also co-starred, at various times, Moira Lister, Andrée Melly, Hattie Jacques, Bill Kerr and Kenneth Williams. The final television series, renamed simply Hancock, starred Hancock alone.

Comedian Tony Hancock starred in the show, playing an exaggerated and much poorer version of his own character and lifestyle, Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock, a down-at-heel comedian living at the dilapidated 23 Railway Cuttings in East Cheam.

The series was influential in the development of the situation comedy, with its move away from radio variety towards a focus on character development.

The radio version was produced by Dennis Main Wilson for most of its run. After Main Wilson departed for his television career, his role was taken by Tom Ronald. The television series was produced by Duncan Wood. The distinctive tuba-based theme tune was composed by Wally Stott.

05-02-18   The   Publicity   Photograph 
 54-11-02   The First Night Party 
 54-11-16   The Idol 
 54-11-23   The   Boxing   Champion 
 54-12-07   The New Car 
 55-01-04   Cinderella Hancock 
 55-01-11   A Trip To France 
 55-01-18   The Monte Carlo Rally 
 55-01-25   A House On The Cliff 
 55-02-01   The   Sheikh 
 55-02-15   The   Last   In   The   Series 
 55-04-19   A   Holiday   In   France 
 55-05-17   The   Holiday   Camp 
 55-05-23   The   Chef   that   Died   of   Shame
 55-06-07   The   Rail   Strike
 55-06-14   The Television Set
 55-06-28   The Marrow Contest
 55-10-19   The   Pet   Dog
 55-10-26   The Jewel Robbery
 55-11-02   The Bequest
 55-12-07   The Diet
 56-01-11   Hancocks Hair


56-01-18   Student   Prince
 56-02-22   The Conjurer
 56-02-29   The   Test   Match
 56-04-11   The   Income   Tax   Demand
 56-10-14   Back From Holiday
 56-10-21   The   Bolshoi   Ballet
 56-10-28   Sid Jamess Dad
 56-11-04   The Income Tax Demand
 56-11-11   The   New   Secretary
 56-11-18   Michelangelo Ancock
 56-11-25   Anna   and   the   King   of   Siam
 56-12-02   Cyrano De Hancock
 56-12-16   The Expresso Bar
 56-12-23   Hancocks Happy Christmas
 56-12-30   The Diary
 57-01-06   The 13th Of The Series
 57-01-13   Almost A Gentleman
 57-01-20   The Old School Re-Union
 57-01-27   The Wild Man Of The Woods
 57-02-03   Agricultural Ancock
 57-02-10   Hancock In The Police
 57-02-17   The Emigrant
 57-02-24   The Last Of The McHancocks
 58-01-28   The Scandal Magazine
 58-02-04   The   Male   Suffragettes
 58-02-11   The   Insurance   Policy


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