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Virtual Gastric Band For Weight Loss

20 Minute Session

Everyone has heard in one way or another about Gastric Bands, mostly when 

celebrities have had dramatic weight loss then revealed they’ve had one fitted 

People such as Sharon Osbourne, Vanessa Feltz and Fern 

Britton have all found them successful, and countless other people all over the world 

have lost many pounds/stones/kilos as a result of having one fitted.

Any drawbacks ?        


But of course, the main drawback is the COST, you are looking at having to pay out thousands of pounds. 

So, if you haven’t got that sort of money to spend, and have tried everything else to lose your excess 

weight, this Self Hypnosis Cd could be the thing that finally works and makes a difference.

The fully trained hypnotherapist , will guide you into a hypnotic state, and communicate with your sub 

conscious. Everything that happens in your body is communicated through your brain, for example, if you 

hurt yourself, your nerves tell your brain about it, and your brain tells you to feel pain in the area you’ve 


So the aim is, the hypnotherapist, whilst communicating with your subconscious, will attempt to convince 

your brain that there is a Gastric band around your stomach.

 How a gastric band actually works ?

It makes your stomach smaller so your appetite is satisfied much quicker, so therefore you eat much 

smaller portions than normal So if your brain is convinced that there is a gastric band in place, the same 

thing will happen as if there was a real one in place.


The session is 20 minutes long, and even though that may not sound long, is is more than enough time to 

plant the subconscious suggestion of a Gastric Band being in place around your stomach – the shortness of 

the session also makes it easier to fit in listening sessions around the other tasks of your day to day life !

You can even listen whilst in bed, and if you fall asleep it doesn’t matter as your ears, and therefore your 

brain will still be listening. There are hypnotherapists who do similar sessions as to what is on this Cd, but 

they charge huge amounts of money as well – not as much as the surgery obviously, but on average about 

THIRTY TIMES more than what this Cd will cost you, plus that’s just for ONE session, whereas the contents 

of the Cd is yours to own forever, for the one off price.

 You can listen, and re-listen to this cd as often as you like/or feel is necessary – obviously the effects won’t 

last forever, so you will need to listen to on a regular basis, as to how regular is up to your own judgement.

If you get to the stage where you want to ‘remove’ the Gastric band, simply stop listening to the Cd, and 

eventually, your appetite will return to what is was previously, and your stomach is ‘released’ from the 

Gastric Band 

 All you need is a quiet. comfortable space that you won’t be interrupted in for at least half an hour and a cd player.         

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