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Fonts For Design Web Desktop Publishing

 Presentation Card Making 

120.000 Fonts
Royalty Free

Ultimate 120,000 Royalty Free Fonts Collection Massive Font Collection Supplied On DVD

Contents: Approx 73,300 True Type Fonts Approx 7,000 Open Type Fonts 

Approx 24,000 Post Script Fonts You’ll Never Need Another Font 120,000 royalty free fonts

 This product is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows


For use in all forms of design – web design, desktop publishing, card making, presentations, school work.

Get all the fonts you will ever need for your design work in one easy to use package. + BONUS Software 

Bonus 1:Font Navigator App Having so many fonts to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. 

This handy app makes it much easier to browse your font collection. 


Bonus 2:True Type Font Renaming Software Got a huge font collection and want to put some order in it ?

Want to change those standard non descriptive 8.3 character font names ?

This software takes care of on renaming true type fonts with ease. 


Easy Transfer to Your Windows Fonts Folder in Your Control Panel For a Massive Choice of Fonts that Your Can use for Various Applications

Copy Contents to Your Windows/Fonts Folder

Simply Copy the Fonts to your Windows    

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