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Educating Archie Radio Show MP3 Audio Book British Comedy Humour

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Educating Archie

7 Hours

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16 Episodes

Old Time Radio Shows in MP3 format on Download and contains 16 episodes, each episode is around 25 – 30 minutes long.

Over 7 hours of great entertainment Educating Archie was comedy show broadcast from June 1950 to February 1958 on Sunday lunchtimes featuring ventriloquist Peter Brough and his dummy Archie Andrews.

The program was successful despite a ventriloquist on radio seeming strange, though in the United States, Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy, had also undertaken radio work. Educating Archie averaged 15 million listeners, and a fan club boasted 250,000 members.

In 1956 the program transferred to television debuting on ITV in 1958. The show introduced comedians who became well known including Tony Hancock as Archie’s tutor, who would greet Archie with a weary “Oh, it’s you again” and always replied to a put down by him with “flipping kids”.

Other ‘tutors’ included Benny Hill, Harry Secombe, Dick Emery, Bernard Bresslaw, and Bruce Forsyth together with a young Julie Andrews as the girlfriend of Archie. Later, Beryl Reid took this role, playing the St. Trinian-esque Monica with catch-phrases, “jolly hockey-stick” and “as the art-mistress said to the gardener”. Beryl also played a young Brummie girl, catch-phrase: “Evening each, moy noyme’s Mar-leen”.

Max Bygraves later played Archie’s tutor with catch-phrases, “I’ve arrived, and to prove it, I’m here” and “That’s a good idea … son !”. The duo recorded songs from the show on the HMV label namely “The Dummy Song” and “Lovely Dollar Lolly”.

All programs are just under 30 minutes long

educating_archie_1950-10-30_unknown_title.mp3 educating_archie_1951-10-19_the_cinema.mp3 educating_archie_1952-12-11_unknown_title.mp3 educating_archie_1954-02-11_educating_archie.mp3 educating_archie_1954-02-11_unknown_title (1).mp3 educating_archie_1954-04-01_the_burglar.mp3 educating_archie_1954-11-11_the_first_episode.mp3 educating_archie_1955-03-24_last_in_series.mp3 educating_archie_1957-01-30_unknown_title.mp3 educating_archie_1957-09-18_archie_in_australia.mp3 educating_archie_1957-10-09_brough_goes_on_a_diet.mp3 educating_archie_1959-03-01_around_the_british_isles_in_8_days.mp3 Much_Binding_in_the_Marsh_s00e00_1945-11-04.mp3 Much_Binding_in_the_Marsh_s01e20_1947-05-15.mp3 Much_Binding_in_the_Marsh_s02e02_1947-12-03.mp3 Much_Binding_in_the_Marsh_s03e20_1949-02-01.mp3 Much_Binding_in_the_Marsh_s04e10_1950-05-24.mp3 Much_Binding_in_the_Marsh_s07e05_1953-08-18.mp3

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