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Chakra Healing



Well Being

This disc is a totally different CD and Content to other Chakra Discs.

How are they different you may ask ?

First of all, this Guided Meditation is a male voice, second of all, this Guided Meditation is to help you get grounded, to enhance your well being and restore balance to your Chakras, and to help you forge a connection to mother Earth, again, through your Chakras.

If you feel you need healing physically or mentally, if you have worries, issues or anxieties, or if you have low self esteem about your physical self, by using your Chakras to connect to the healing powers and positivity that exists in the world, this Guided Meditation could possibly be the thing to help.

The male speaker will talk you into your meditative state and using visualisation techniques, will start with your root Chakra at the base of your spine and work his way up through all of them.

He will get you to visualize your Chakras as colours (as in the picture above), and talk about the part of the body associated with them, using your breathing to encourage you to inhale healing air He will them get you to visualize a connection to Mother Earth through a beam of light running through all of your Chakras, and obviously through you.

Once you have this connection, you will be encouraged to visualise healing energy flowing through your body to replenish yourself, and release all negativity and the bad things from within. You will be made to realize that your well being is all important, and talked through how through the light running through your chakras, and the energy grounded in your body can be used to heal yourself, mentally and physically.

There are many ways to try and make yourself feel better if unhappy, unwell or stressed with life, but Guided Meditation has been proven to be one the most effective methods, and as your Chakras are vital to your well being, you need to look after them – and they will look after you.

An awareness of your Chakras can only help your well being, and will not do you any harm what so ever So, if you’ve not been feeling yourself for a while, and/or want to try an alternate remedy to pills and ‘Western Medicine’ in general, why not give this a try ? All you need is a quiet. comfortable space that you won’t be interrupted in for at least half an hour and a cd player.

NOTE: You should always check with your GP before beginning any exercise program. A thorough warm up and cool down must always be done. Nothing should hurt when you Exercise – if it does, stop immediately and seek advice from your GP.  Always Exercise at your own pace – you know your body better than anyone ! Rest when necessary. Keep hydrated and cool.


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