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Breath Meditation – Breathing and
 Relaxation CD

Meditation CD to Help Breathing and Relaxation

30 Minute Session on CD

Guided Breath Meditation
This particular Guided Meditation Cd is different to the others we sell in that it helps you 
concentrate on your breathing to take you into a meditative state.
Some facts about Breath Meditation….
As you already know, we are breathing every minute of our lives.
Breath meditation is good for health and deals with the energy in the body.
If we breathe properly, we allow the energy to flow smoothly without any obstruction and remain

Breath Meditation can be practiced by the beginner and more experienced meditators

The idea with this Cd is that not only will it guide you into your Meditation, but you will continue to experience the peace and serenity from 

the session in your day to day life

It will make you more aware of your breathing patterns and how to control them better than you have previously, and this knowledge will 

again assist you when not meditating in day to day situations

During the midst of your meditation with this particular Cd, many have described the feeling as ‘floating on air’  and the ‘Most relaxed and 

aware of their own body they have ever been’  

So if that sounds like something that appeals to you, why not give it a try ?

 All you need is a quiet. comfortable space that you won’t be interrupted in for at least half an hour and a cd player.

This Cd works for you, your life could change dramatically !

Important information about this CD….. 

This self hypnosis CD is recorded by a fully trained hypnotherapist and while hypnosis may not be for everyone it 

could be the one thing that could help YOU !

Bear in mind, you will have to do a little bit of work and preparation yourself, you need to make sure you are in a 

quiet place where you can relax fully 

and be undisturbed for the playing time of the CD. You also need to make sure that you open your mind to the 

possibility of this working, as it is a known fact that you cannot be hypnotized unless you want to.

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