Thai Complete Language Training Course on MP3 CD

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              Learn Thai 

Learn Thai Language Audio Course 

Beginners to Intermediate

190 Audio Lessons

Complete Audio Training Course Course Contents: 

Over 190+ Audio lessons in MP3 format Covering Basic & Advanced

These Thai lessons have been designed to provide practical travel vocabulary and a solid 

foundation for conversational skills through a simple listen and repeat format.

This in-depth course covers a wide variety of topics, by the end of the lessons you should feel comfortable conversing in everyday general conversations and have a good overall understanding of the language.

Suitable For Beginners to Intermediate 

 Thai Speed Learning Ebooks Why learn a language ?

Travel Even a little knowledge of the language can make a difference in attitude when you meet people from other countries. 
Speaking another language helps to break down barriers. 

Work and business

It can help you give an added advantage in your career if you work for an international firm or a company with international customers or contacts. 

Music, Film, Arts and Culture

 If you like literature, films or music from other countries, learning the language will help your appreciation and understanding.

How to learn a language 

There’s no single universal fool proof method to learn a language.

 Try different ones and use the one that works for you, or a combination. 

Little and often is best. 

Ten minutes every day tends to be more effective and manageable than a longer session once a week.

 Mistakes are part of the learning process

Have a go and you’ll learn much more quickly
most native speakers will already appreciate you making an effort. 
Listen to Language learning during idle times, such as when travelling to work. 
Watch TV and video online in the language you’re learning. 
You may not understand much of it but it will help you get used to how the language sounds and
with the help of the visuals, you’ll pick up odd words and phrases.

Write words on post-it notes and stick them around the house. Repeat activities to consolidate what you’ve learnt. 

Visit to a place where you can use the language you’re learning if anything, it will keep you motivated. 

Go back every now and again to something you did early on.

You may be surprised at how much you’ve learn’ t.

To be Played on: Laptops & Computers MP3 Players 

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